Pilot houses for P-CAPSAR


Client: P-CAPSAR

Location: Taratasy (Vangaindrano) and Ankatafana (Mananjary), Madagascar

Execution period: November 2012 (Taratasy) and May 2013 (Ankatafana)



In the context of the P-CAPSAR project (cofinanced by ECHO and ICCO), and executed by ICCO and SAF/FJKM, BambooBasics will build a pilot private house and a pilot municipality building in two villages, combined with a training program for local craftsmen. The goal is to introduce bamboo as an alternative construction material for the traditional wood constructions (wood has become scarce and expensive in these regions) and to introduce improved construction techniques adapted to this cyclone prone region. Local craftsmen will be trained to enable them to reproduce similar constructions themselves.


The complete load bearing construction will be executed in treated bamboo, as well as the wall structure for the municipality building and the flooring for the private house. A total of 15 local craftsmen will assist BambooBasics during construction and receive theoretical and practical training on basic rules for constructions in cyclone prone areas, the bamboo treatment process and constructions in bamboo.